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Touristic information

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25 de Agosto

The visitor will be able to enjoy of the natural beauty of the Rio Santa Lucia that also Otto Bittenbinder offers him a beautiful and very wooded camping called "Camping".

On the south coast west of the department of Florida finds Town On August 25, placed to 70 km from Montevideo, to 58 km from Florida and to 10 km from Saint Lucia.

From Montevideo it goes over to the route 5 up to the route 11 and spending the toll in the direction of San Jose it is deposited to the right by the route 79 up to the People Ituzaingó, where for the route 77 or 78 one gains access on August 25.
From San Jose, it goes over to the route 11, from Capurro for the route 78 up to the route 77 and from Florida one gains access for the route 77.

The way of trasporte that it is possible to use is: AFE or the Companies of bus QUOTES or COPSA, from Montevideo up to Saint Lucia and from there in Caceres.
AFE or COMSA from San Jose.
AFE, APPOINTMENT, or OPAC from Florida.

If one prefers to realize the trip in train, Trains min. de la Estación Central stays August 25 at 1 hour 45 (between the streets Paraguay and Colombia).

Coming to the old station of May 25, crossing the routes it meets the camping very calm for that one who wants to rest. It is provided with basic services and for that one that likes to go for a swim the Rio is Saint Lucia with his crystalline and fresh waters

In the property there are some craftsmen who for the summer will have a small fair installed.

Crossing a small bridge for pedestrians it will be able to interfere in a young indigenous mount and enjoy the nature and the indigenous fauna.


The area of ?Juan Chazo? or ?Juan Chazot? who later would transform in ?August 25?, it was part in his beginnings of the Department of San Jose, this one in turn was comprising the current territories of the Departments of Florida and Flowers, which were created in the year 1856 and 1885, respectively and also it was reaching small extensions of Peach and Lavalleja.

By Law N ° 493 of July 10, 1856 the departmental territory was divided in two, with the denominations of San Jose and Florida. San Jose with 4.993,8 km2 and Florida with 10.383,8 km2.
For Law N ° 561 of October 23, 1857, the natural limit between both Departments, would be ?the one that forms the Creek of the Virgin from his mouth in the Rio Saint Lucia.


As in almost the whole territory that forms our Country, this area was occupied by natives of the races charrúas and bohanes. Very close to this one place, in Step of the Truancies, opposite to May 25, remains of an indigenous population realized excavations halládondose, encontrárondose stones of boleadoras, jigsaw puzzle, a mortar and parts of an indigenous toldería that existed there.


Fernando Arias de Saavedra (Hernandarias) in the year 1607, there came up to the Bar of the Rio Saint Lucia, where it thought the Indians charrúas that they were inhabiting his banks and chased them up to the Itú of the Guarani


The area Villa 25 de Agosto, which previously Juan Chazo was naming, in the epoch of the Spanish domination, belonged to the Jurisdiction of Montevideo, subsequently in the year 1815 to the Department of San Jose, in occasion of firstly departmental division arranged by the First Government of José Gervasio Artigas. Like that it remained during more than half a century until in the year 1856 there was arranged the creation of the Department of Florida.


The area of Juan Chazo is located in the south end of the current Department of Florida and Burned Wagon was part of a region, densely populated and very fragmented, limited to the east by the Rio Saint Lucia Small and Big, on the west for the Rio San Jose and the Creek and to the north the Big Chopper. It had like principal center to the Creek of the Virgin, which one will have big relevancy in the settlers of the area, as one alludes in several opportunities on having referred to the population and facts that mark our history.

In agreement of November 21, 1761 the Chapter of Montevideo, it established that it was splitting and distributing in stays the whole territory of another stripe of the Creek of the Virgin, so that there were settling road brown natives and married some that were interspersed by several areas of the jurisdiction Montevidean. And this way it might be forming a moderate population, and to be organizing a body that might serve as defender of the frontier areas, which was integrated by the current populations of August 25, May 25, Independence and Cardal in the Depto. of Florida and Ituzaingó, Capurro, New People, Rodríguez and Cagancha in the Depto. Of San Jose and his adjacent areas.

On November 17, 1872, one year before the foundation of the People On August 25, the train station is founded on areas donated by Don Ramón, who will take big relevancy as a route of communication and of link of several departments.

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