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Touristic information

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Nuevo Berlín

Nuevo Berlin is a small locality of Uruguay, located in the department of Río Negro, in the coast of the Rio Uruguay opposite native with Argentina.

The historical precedents of this locality were the creation of the Stay "Nueva Mehlem" for the brothers Wendelstadt, Germans who immigrated to the country in search of a better quality of life, being faced from the first decade of the XIXth century towards the agricultural business.

The Stay ?Nueva Mehlem?, it was located on the coast of the river Uruguay, giving birth on March 16, 1875 to the town New Berlin that as a result of the farm had a rapid growth.

Shortly after his creation the people was already provided with a customs security in charge of Mr. Plácido Erráes; a Court of Peace in charge of Mr. Lorenzo Ferrari, a police station supervised by Mr. Rafael Montemar and a school administered by Mr. Enrique Modernell.

The first houses that were built in the town, were a store of general branches and a shed belonging to Mr. Santiago Arzibale, placed where at present it is the head office of the Democratic Center of New Berlin and in the year 1888 there was already a shoe shop property of don Felipe del Curto, a carpentry property of don Pedro Perossé, a smithy worked by his proprietor, don Eleuterio Tapia, a small restaurant of don Felipe Biratti and a factory of bricks of don Agustín Faccio.

In January, 1934, the Democratic Center of New Berlin was founded on the initiative of don Carlos M. Giant reed.

On June 19, 1950 it opened his doors the Lyceum, thanks to the effort of the Prof. Horacio Saravay. There were helping only eleven pupils, who to give good results exámen had to move to Brother Bentos. She remained a paymistress in the year 1951 and his oficialización was June 19, 1957.

The people also is provided with a port of important openwork, what transformed it into a strategic place of exit of agrarian wealths of the region.

New Berlin is an area with many afforestation, because of it the forest activity is one of the most important local, being constituted in a stable labor source.

It is provided with a beach on the river Uruguay, which is surrounded by parks, with basic services and sports spaces. There is a wharf for sports crafts, which is usually frequented. It is nailed in the most wide part of the river, where it is possible to appreciate at little distance a big number of islands.

The place possesses the spa ?Santa Rosa? and the beach of river ?the Herd of horses? where aquatic sports can be realized and it is suitable for the fishing.

It is an ideal place to go out of fighter and to realize walks between the islands.
It can go to see a piece of the wall of Berlin in the Boulevard or the motocross spectacles.

In the side there is the spa ?The Sauzal?, the camping, the Municipal motels and a state-run hotel, they complement the services.

In addition to the municipal motels, also it is provided with the hotel ?Inn San Sebastian?, composed of 10 beds distributed in 3 rooms for marriage and 3 individuals, with private bath, dining room service and parrilleros.

It has a Democratic Center that possesses a lounge dining room and the Club of Fishermen Joined with a wide lounge where it is possible to realize diverse activities.

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