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Las cañas

Las cañas there is an Uruguayan locality located in the department of Río Negro.

The spa The Canes is named this way alluding to the mount of canes of Tacuara native to the area and that today are preserved like nature reserve.

It is recognized like the excellent tourist point of the Coastal Uruguayan - Argentinian. Located in the Uruguayan margin, on the coasts of the Rio Uruguay that officiates as natural limit between the Rep. Oriental of the Uruguay and the Rep. Argentina.

He is located to approximately 8 km from the Brother's city Bentos and to 15 km of the International Bridge Gral. St Martin, which is connected by the Port Unzué, to 42 km from the city of Gualeguaychú, Province of Between Rivers, Argentina and to 315 km from the city of Montevideo (the national capital of the Uruguay).

It is possible to come from Uruguay, for the Route 2 that it finishes in the Brother's city Bentos and from there to take the local route ?Way Batlle and Ordoñez? or called popularly ?I walk to The Canes?. If Uruguay is deposited by Paraguay or Brazil, the access routes to come to the Brother's city Bentos are the routes 3 and 34.

Another possibility to come to the spa, from the Brother's city Bentos is for the ?Panoramic Route?, a route landscape painter who surrounds the Rio Uruguay, the trip is slower that for another access route, but it can turn out to be more suggestive and attractive.

From Argentina the best alternative is for the Route 12 since it finishes in the city of Gualeguaychú and from there to take the Route 136 that crosses the bridge on the Rio Uruguay. As soon as the bridge was crossed, it is necessary to take the route called ?Bridge - port? that ends in the Brother's city Bentos and from there so called street ?Roberto Young? who, on having gone out of the city, turns into the Cmno. Batlle and Ordoñez.

The beaches of the spa, beginning for the principal, called Big Beach, are characterized for being of thin and white sand, with a light yellow color. They show big sand extensions, and there are areas that have the peculiarity of having trees of different species in the proper sand, being this peculiarity much valued by the tourists since in general in the coastal beaches trees do not grow on the sand; the above mentioned trees give shade and tables and useful banks have been placed to his surroundings to realize picnic, lunches, dinners and simultaneously to enjoy an agreeable day of beach.

A series of beaches spreads over the coast, the most well-known, in addition to the Big Beach, it is The Orange tree that has a wharf, Snails and The Paradise.

To the security of the hills, to the fresh shade of the mount that comes up to the shores of the river and meets the calm waters, there is created a micro climate typical of indigenous forest and an ecosystem richest in variety.

At present there is stated the presence of indigenous flora as the myrtle, the aguaribay, the anacahuita, the molle, the white guava tree and the colored one, the higuerón, the gutter, the ceibo, the white sarandí, the acacia, the willow, the espinillo, the timbó, which they abound in the area.

The infrastructure of the spa one of the best is considered of the country. It possesses street asfaltada, warm water and electrical light in all the camping areas.

There are areas of recreation as courts of soccer, of volleyball, of bowls, a playground for the smallest, walks are realized on horseback, that it is a different way of appreciating the nature and of enjoying the natural resources that the place offers.

The fans of the fishing can prove his canes or risk waters inside looking for some of the species with which the river is provided. Some of the species that can be are a vogue, a gilding, bagre, etc.

Also it is provided with restaurants, hotels, motels, bungalows and room of conventions placed in the same Building of Bungalows Municipales, next to the beach, with wide capacity, good taste and excellent conditions of acoustics and visibility, equipped with appropriate technology to the different events there realized

The infrastructure has turned out to be much favored thanks to the rapid growth of the city that grows along with the spa, named like spa city The Canes, this has propitiated the existence of general hospitals of health, public services, police station, firemen, etc. The inhabited Center is constituted by detached house and typical houses of spas to the European style, mostly property of Uruguayan citizens but also Argentine.

Also a big stands variety meets in the place crafts. The craft comprises works realized manually; there are usually decorative objects or of common use.

In addition to enjoying our natural marvels, the tourists will be able to amuse themselves with night spectacles, since at the entry of the Canes Montana finds the dance Jack, for that one that wants to take delight with gulps, and amuse itself with friends.

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