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Touristic information

Touristic information

Touristic zones in Uruguay.
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Salto, named in last times Oriental Jump, it is the cardinal city of the jump Department, Uruguay.

Uruguay is located to 498 km from the city of Montevideo (for routes 1 and 3) on the oriental shore of the Rio, opposite to the city of Concord (Argentina), having narrow ties with her, existing across the Dam Big Jump vehicular and railroad connection.

This city is named a Jump because, before the construction of the Dam of Big Jump, the river Uruguay was forming an extensive jump (called by the natives the Itú, in the Guarani language) as a consequence of the rock laundering in his bed.

The center of the city is located to approximately 18 km (for route) to the south of the dam and the reservoir that this one forms.
The national route Nº3 is the principal jump communication route with the rest of the country.
The Departmental Airport of Jump, is to 3 km to the south of the city, to 31°38′S 57°96′O.


It possesses 100.572 inhabitants, what turns it in the second city of the country as for population.


It is the principal center of the country in what it is concerned to the production citrícola. The maturation of these fruits turns out to be benefited by the existence of a climate more warm than that of the south of the country. The grape "Harriague", which is at present a base of the wines tannat, they are recognized internationally by his excellent quality.


It is an area with a strong development of the tourism due to the existence of important thermal centers, both state and private.

On the coast of the river Uruguay the North Side is located, agreeable walk to realize, as well as the South Side where the class of high purchasing power resides principally. Towards the southeast next to the center of the city, there is located the municipal Zoo, contiguous to the Park Harriague, which in addition to possessing 150 flora species, is provided with courts of soccer and a public track of cycling. To the North-East, there is located the Saltoshopping, which is a complex that has a terminal of bus, combined with an innovator shopping center of two levels and a wide supermarket, which is provided with an extensive garage. Although also the street possesses an important commercial focus Uruguay, in center of the city.


It is a regarding city of the Uruguayan coast as for the education, for being a head office of Regional North of the University of the Republic (UDELAR), as well as of dependencies on private universities, being provided also with teaching centers of formation of average, primary and secondary education.

Tourist attractions:

Jump is characterized for having a big variety of works of the engineer Eladio Dieste, between them industrial deposits, a state-run hotel located in the North side and the urban terminal of bus.

Other architects to be emphasized are J.P. Sanguinetti, being his essential work "The Field and I" who give the welcome to the tourists who come to the city.

In the proximities of the center of the city there exist many out-standing historical buildings and the highest building of the city called "The Lookout", inaugurated in 2007.

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The capital of Uruguay, Montevideo offers with height, all the tourist services, sceneries, coasts and beaches, culture, gastronomy...

Montevideo, Montevideo, capital


Cologne is an Uruguayan department that is placed in the south-west of the country, on the coast where there end the rivers Parana and Uruguay.

Colonia, Colonia, capital
Punta del Este Air view from Península in Punta del Este.

Punta del Este

Located in the southeast end of the country, to the southeast of the department of Maldonado and to 7 km from the cardinal city (Maldonado).

Punta del Este, Península


It is an attractive city that preserves the features typical of the colonial epoch.

Punta del Este, Maldonado, Capital
Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento

Cologne of the Sacramento, colonial beauty of Uruguay. Historical patrimony of the Humanity.

Colonia, Colonia del Sacramento
Colonia Valdense

Colonia Valdense

Cologne Valdense, it is an Uruguayan city located in the department of Cologne.

Colonia, Colonia Valdense

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