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Touristic information

Touristic information

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Santa Ana

Santa Ana is a place out of time, ideal for that one who looks for the calmness and a natural ambience, without the contamination of the big cities

The spa Santa Ann is located on the halfway between Juan Lacaze and of Cologne Sacramento, to 22 kilometers of the cardinal city of the Department. To come there it is necessary to deposit for the kilometer 155 of the Route 1 and then to lead four kilometers towards the coast. There is appreciated the green enclave, which it conceals behind him to the big River Plate.

Saint Ann was founded in the year 1946 by the brothers Greissing. His urban development was realized by forecast, his infrastructure was thought for the life of the city, being supported in the perfect state his streets and avenues.

The first settlers planted approximately average million of trees of diverse species, principally oaks, araucarias and willows, therefore at present the green is the predominant color in all the environment.
Hence some of the names of the streets of the spa are The Boulevard of the Environment, street Kudos, street Colibríes, Agreed of the Cardinals, in recognition to the diversity of existing flora and fauna in the place.

It possesses approximately 1.000 inhabitants, but with the arrival of tourists and friends principally in the summer period, can go so far as to increase hundred for hundred.

The motto of tourist presentation that the santanenses have adopted is "In Santa Ann we try not to damage the environment... Everything remains inalterable, as in an ecological bubble suspended in the time. We hope that he should enjoy it and should help us to preserve it?.

For this environment so particular that it possesses the spa and his wonderful coast, Luis Landriscina chose to live here with his family and friends, as well as many foreigners chose it to have his summer house, like Argentinians, Brazilians, French, Germans, Americans or Finns or to settle to live. The fact is that there a pure air of another epoch is breathed, and the environment offers not only one flora and very varied fauna, but also a beautiful coast, where the most beautiful evenings can be appreciated and in the summer nights a completely starred sky.

The beaches are of white and thin sand, with access facility for crafts, ideals to catch and to realize nautical sports.

It possesses of everything to small scale: a principal square, a square of sports, a service of general hospital (in the Street The Cardinals), a playground, and a social and sports club with courts of bowls, of volleyball and tennis. All the sports activities are provided with night artificial lighting.

The visitor, is always received cordialmente and is considered to be a friend.

To stay, the tourist is provided with the well-known Small hotel Don Guillermo and the modern hotel Santa Ann, opposite to the river. The restaurants and commerce offer in general a good service. Also houses and huts are rented and there are areas to camp.

The camping of the club Yachting de Tarariras, with surrounded property, in summer period is opened every day and in alone winter the weekends. It has electrical light in every plot, baths with showers, court of bowls, phone and medical care. It is along with the creek, therefore the fishing is one of the insured activities.

Different is the Municipal Camping that offers the same services as the previous one and in the days of high period, his offer goes so far as to be completed.

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