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Touristic information

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It is an attractive city that preserves the features typical of the colonial epoch.

Maldonado is an Uruguayan department placed on the south coast of the country. It borders to the north on Lavalleja, to the east on Rocha, on the south on the River Plate and the Atlantic Ocean, and on the west on Cannelloni.

His surface is 4.793 Km, and it has an estimated population of 140.192 inhabitants according to the census of 2004.

The departmental capital is the city homónima (placed to 140 km with regard to Montevideo), although Top of the East represents the most crowded urban cone.

City of Maldonado - Capital of the Department.

It is located to the southeast of the country. It borders to the southeast on the River Plate and Top of the East, to the north on San Carlos, on the west on Bread of Sugar and Piriápolis.

Population: 50.417 inhabitants

It is the Center of Government and Administration of the Department.

It is provided with museums, cultural centers, libraries and institutions of public and private education.

It is the place where there reside most of the persons who are employed at the area of Top of the East and his precincts.

There is of stressing also, his potential shopping center, which is adapted to the needs of his population, and of the tourists who visit it year after year.

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Forced walk for the one who visits Top Whale in the Department of Maldonado, Uruguay.

Arboreto Lussich

Visit the Reservation in the Department of Maldonado, Uruguay.

Main street in La Barra.

The Barra of Maldonado

With its own character and a special singularity, The Barra is one of the prettiest walks of realizing in the areas of Punta del Este.

Punta del Este, La Barra City tours
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The capital of Uruguay, Montevideo offers with height, all the tourist services, sceneries, coasts and beaches, culture, gastronomy...

Montevideo, Montevideo, capital


Cologne is an Uruguayan department that is placed in the south-west of the country, on the coast where there end the rivers Parana and Uruguay.

Colonia, Colonia, capital
Punta del Este Air view from Península in Punta del Este.

Punta del Este

Located in the southeast end of the country, to the southeast of the department of Maldonado and to 7 km from the cardinal city (Maldonado).

Punta del Este, Península
Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento

Cologne of the Sacramento, colonial beauty of Uruguay. Historical patrimony of the Humanity.

Colonia, Colonia del Sacramento
Colonia Valdense

Colonia Valdense

Cologne Valdense, it is an Uruguayan city located in the department of Cologne.

Colonia, Colonia Valdense
Juan Lacaze

Juan Lacaze

Juan L. Lacaze is a city of the department of Cologne, Uruguay.

Colonia, Juan Lacaze

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Rocha the only and natural paradise in Uruguay offers to the tourist an interesting alternative of rural tourism in spectacular flat virgins.

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